Artipre has a 100% success rate in college admissions and scholarships when a student creates a portfolio under Artipre's instructors' guidance. With their help, your child can have the same success.

2021-2022 College Admission

School Name Scholarship
CMU (Carnegie Mellon University) Erin P
Yerin K
Rachel K

Tricia P
Sara Y
RISD (Rhode Island School of Design) Calvin L
Mindy K

Yerin K
Hansen J
University of Michigan Tricia P
Yerin K
Sara Y
Washington University in St. Louis Yerin K
Cornell University Calvin L
Tricia P

Harvard University Kaity G $10,000
New York University Abigail H $50,000
PRATT Michael K
Shiori M
Jin B


SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design) Michael K
Yelim K
Ashely N
Rachel B
University of Pennsylvania Allison
Boston College Tricia P
Sara Y

MICA (Maryland Institute College of Art)
Jasmine J
Schito A
Ashely K
Angela N
Taesun K


MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

Kaity G

SAIC (School of Art Institute College of Art)

Erin I
Angela N
Kaity K
Mindy K

RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology)

Hanull K
Grace P

SVA (School of Visual Art) Jasmine J
Jini K
Angela N


Swarthmore College Sara Y  


Columbia University Calvin L  
Brown University & RISD Dual Program Calvin L  
Princeton University Eugenie C  
West Point (United States Military Academy) Berklee Cohen  

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