Welcome to the Artipre Art Institute of Maryland

Advance your skills and start your children on the right path with the classes from Artipre Art Institute of Maryland. Our center features programs for students looking to achieve outside of the classroom. With our classes, your child will be prepared for national art competitions and admissions to the top schools in the country. Reach out to us today to register for one of our programs.

Each month, we choose one student out of our center and give them a scholarship award from the center. Check back for more information about our upcoming summer camp!

Introduce Your Child to the Arts & Hone Their Creative Side

If your child has shown an interest in art, you can enroll them in Artipre's kids’ classes and let them explore their creative talents. Our kids' classes focus on age and are designed to stimulate creativity in order to develop your child's talents.

Prepare Your Portfolio for College Admissions

Artipre will increase your teen's chances for college admission and receiving a scholarship. Artipre's art teachers have all been trained at respected art schools, and all students who created a portfolio with June Park have received scholarships.

National Art Competitions

Participating in art competitions allows students to challenge their artistic ability, to see how they measure up to others in the same age group.

It gives them artistic experience beyond the classroom. Each year there are Artipre students at the top among national winners.

Contact us to register for our art classes for all ages. We feature class sessions for those living in the Baltimore metro area.