Late Pick Up Notice

Students are not to be dropped off more than 5 mins prior to class start time or picked up more than 5 min post class end time as stated on the schedule. A late fee of $1 per minute will be charged for late pick-ups, starting at after 5 min based on the center clock.

Please be considerate of our staff in following the program times. With the exception of a genuine emergency timely retrieval is expected. If a parent or authorized adult will be late, it is their responsibility to notify the office as soon as possible.

We understand that emergencies arise. We also understand that traffic can be challenging and hectic, however all children are expected to be picked up on time. Traffic issues are not an emergency and do not excuse the issuance of a late fee. Unfortunately, when a child is picked up late, our staff cannot attend to other matters outside of the center until collection.

We are happy to provide this service to our working parents and thank you for honoring our policy. We appreciate your commitment to be on time to pick- up or drop off your child at the mandated time.