Summer art camps

Teen Studio Art Class

Artipre’s teen program is specifically designed for students who want to develop their drawing foundation. We encourage them to hone their skills and interests, deeply engage in intensive study in various mediums, or just discover and expand a new interest. At Artipre, we welcome all skill levels – whether students are just beginning to explore the world of art or are ready to take their art to the next level, we offer a class that will creatively respond to their needs and interests.

Intensive Drawing Class I: Perception of Form and Space

This intensive class is designed for those who want to develop their drawing skill. Students will gain a deeper understanding of basic perceptual skills. Instruction will focus on expressing volume and space in drawing, exploring crosshatching techniques and working with still life along with human figure. Students will learn how to perceive edges, spaces, relationships, and lights and shadow in ways that will increase their understanding of drawing principles and enhance their drawing skills.

Intensive Drawing Class II: Color Theory

This class will give the student a practical knowledge of both drawing and painting using the right side of the brain. It is recommended for students as well as experienced artists who want to explore more deeply how color influences all elements of art, focusing in particular on harmony. Doing hands-on exercises will demonstrate efficiently mixing and painting in specifically desired hue.